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Be yourself in a world where they want you to be someone else.

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Bailz Pagliacci’s natural storytelling ability and fearless exploration of Black identity have established him as an important voice in modern music.  Fusing hip-hop with R&B, pop, and dance music, he creates a distinctive style that is as hard hitting as it is thought provoking.  Now, with the release of his most compelling material to date, he is poised to bring his message to a larger audience.

Growing up in Jersey City, Bailz quickly became aware of the healing power of music.  As a staunch advocate for mindfulness and mental health awareness in the African-American community, he began using his music to express his inner turmoil.  By turning his personal experiences into memorable songs with universal messages, he was able to immediately attract a devoted following.

Bailz debuted his first single in 2019.  Since then, he has built up an impressive discography, blending genres and revealing new sides of his artistry on every release.  His major artistic breakthrough came with the full length P.D.F. (Please Don’t Forget), which showcased the intimate lyricism and vocal abilities that make him such a special talent.  With a steady stream of content expected in 2022 and beyond, Bailz Pagliacci is intent on leaving a lasting legacy in the artist world.

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Bailz Pagliacci - K.Y.H.R (Prod. Rob Kelly Beats) Official Music video

Sequel - Bailz Pagliacci (Prod. By Mellotom)

My Strain - Bailz Pagliacci (Prod. By Mellotom)

Delirium - Bailz Pagliacci (Prod. By Rob Kelly Beats)

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